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Darshana Muzumdar is an avid animal lover and animal liberation activist. She graduated from Dadar Catering College and worked as a chef at the Taj Intercontinental in Mumbai for a year before moving on to the Middle East where she lived for the next 21 plus years teaching English as a Foreign Language. Her stay there introduced her to a totally new cuisine and helped her develop a taste for fruits and dried fruits. From a chef and someone who enjoyed learning to make food from different parts of the world, she is now going back to her roots of India to the food she grew up eating. This change was brought about when after watching Earthlings, she became vegan over three or four months and realized that most of the food she had grown up eating was not just vegan, but it was also healthy. Her switch to a Whole-Food Plant-Based (WFPB) diet happened after she attended a day long seminar conducted by Dr. Nandita Shah who founded SHARAN. That one day of feeling so energized and alert after eating the food that was served convinced her about the magically (not really magical at all actually) healing properties of plants that we had been eating traditionally needed to be brought back to life and made more popular and mainstream than it was. That’s how the idea of starting Indian Vegan Cookbook came about. And things just started falling in place when she met 15 year old Aman Phatak who created the Google site for her to share all the wonderful recipes she knew. Many thanks to him for setting the stage for this website.

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