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Batatyachi Kapa (Spicy Fried Potato Slices)

Potatoes are a root vegetable enjoyed by old and young alike. Potatoes are rich in energy in the form of carbohydrates, contain a considerable amount of protein, vitamins C and B6, niacin and folate, and minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorous, fibre and compounds like flavonoids, carotenoids and phenolic acids, which are antioxidants that help to neutralize potentially harmful molecules known as free radicals. The skin of the potato apart from containing a considerable amount of fibre is not only alkaline in nature but also contains a great amount of the vitamins and minerals, so it’s best to cook and eat potato in its whole form. However, potatoes when fried or cooked with a lot of oil are pretty unhealthy, so it’s best to avoid French fries or fried potato dishes like this one unless you can make it with just a few drops of oil.

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