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Why Smoothies?

Green smoothies are the new food to help reverse lifestyle diseases and provide the most important nutrients for the body. Try them to believe it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important for anyone with diabetes, hypertension or other lifestyle disease to check their sugar and blood pressure levels or other relevant parameters every day when they start having a green smoothie, as it naturally heals the body and the medication will need to be reduced under the supervision of their medical doctor.

Though smoothies are not a traditional Indian concept, I have included them in this cookbook because of the revolution they have created in people’s health. The importance of green smoothies for disease reversal cannot be stressed enough. There are so many thousands of people who have benefited from them that it’s strange they have never been suggested as a cure before. Green smoothies are made of two main ingredients: green leaves + pulpy fruit. They take minutes to make and are alkaline and energizing. Fruit is nature‚Äôs fast food. It can be had any time of the day and can easily replace any meal. Adding green leaves to the fruit makes it so much more filling because all leaves contain protein. Our body craves nutrition and mixing greens with fruit gives our bodies a boost of nutrients and energy all at once. A smoothie is truly satiating. In case you’re not a fan of fruits as yet, I urge you to start your day with only fruits and green smoothies and see if your outlook changes.

There are many plant-based doctors in India like Dr Nandita Shah of SHARAN, Dr Rupa Shah of Circle Of Health, Dr Vidya Chakravarty of Promotive Health, Dr Rashmi Menon and Dr Nishita Dodhia Shah in Mulund, Mumbai, Dr Saravanan in the South, Dr Achyuthan Eswar of Sampoorna Ahara, etc. to consult with if you wish.

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